Water Restrictions

    On February 13, 2007 the District's Board of Directors approved a revision to the Water Restrictions Ordinance 2-93. To water restrictions revision was in Article I, Section 1 Part A of Ordinance 2-93 which states, "Normal restriction is to be imposed on a year round basis." The revision to Water Restriction Ordinance 2-93 will be effective March 13th 2007.

    During the past years of drought, the static level in our wells dropped. This past winter we had a moderately wet climate; and with our low winter demand for water the static levels in our wells are just about at historically normal levels. Normal spring and summer demand for water to irrigate lawns and gardens will again draw down our source water to lower levels; watering restrictions are being imposed. The restrictions are imposed to ensure adequate water, water pressure and an equal opportunity for each resident to water their lawn and/or garden. The increase costs of chlorine and orthopolyphosphate to treat the water, which caused the increase of rates this year is another factor.

    Watering of lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees is to be done in accordance with Article III, Section 1 of Ordinance 2-93 which states, "Watering lawns and/or gardens every other day based on the address of the property". Customers are to water on odd numbered days if their street address in an odd number and even numbered days if their street address is an even number.

    Conservation of water is also of concern during the period of watering restrictions. Consequently, customers who waste water by letting it run off their lawns, driveway, excessively and down the street will be cited for wasting water. Wasting water will carry the same penalty as watering on the wrong day.

There will be no watering allowed on the 31st of any Month.

    Violators of the restrictions will be issued notices of violation of Ordinance 1-93 and a fine will be assessed. There will be no warning notices issued. Fines will be assessed against the property owner and be enforced by shut-off procedures. Fines will be on a escalating scale starting at $25.00 for a first offense and be raised by $25.00 for each subsequent violation.

    Hand watering (holding an open hose) may be done any time to water trees, flowers, new sod, etc. Children may run and play with outdoor water toys only on the day for which lawn watering is allowed for that residence. We ask that you wash vehicles only on the day for which watering lawns is allowed and that you limit the amount of water you use for washing your vehicles.

    Questions regarding the water restrictions may be directed to the District's office at 1047 Grant Drive or by calling (406) 965-3944.

Consideration will be given to those residents who are starting new lawns from seed or sod on a case by case basis. Individuals who are starting new lawns must contact the District's office to discuss their plans and establish a watering plan (in writing) that is acceptable to the user and the District.