About Us

At Sun Prairie Village County Water and Sewer District, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents! To view the District's Water Quality Reports CLICK HERE.

Sun Prairie Village County Water and Sewer District was created in 1989. The District is a subdivision of the State of Montana in general, Cascade County in particular. The purpose of the District is to construct and operate the water and sewer system for the subdivisions located within in the District. All expenses and liabilities are paid with user fees collected from the residents of the District.

The District is governed by a Board that acts as the authoritative and legislative body. The Board is comprised of five members, all of whom are voting and elected by the residents of the District. Any registered elector in the District may file a petition for candidacy with the election administrator of the District. All candidates are required to file a nonpartisan petition for candidacy. To view the District's current Board Members CLICK HERE.

The Board appoints the President of the Board from existing Board members to serve a one-year term as President. The President is charged with the responsibility of presiding at all Board meetings and acting as chief legislative officer of the District. A General Manager of the District, also appointed by the Board, is charged with the responsibility of service as chief executive officer of the District as prescribed by the Board.

The District continues to operate with positive cash flows and rates are monitored to determine if they are adequate to provide the funds needed to operate the District. To view the District's financial statements CLICK HERE.


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